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JWEI has the following focus areas:
Research on wind turbine modeling and simulation
Proprietary evaluation of wind turbine designs
Wind tunnel testing of wind turbines
Developing new wind turbine system modeling and simulation software
Nano-composite coatings for self-cleaning erosion-resistant blades
Development of new generation wind turbine technologies
Helping manufacturers in selecting materials and manufacturing techniques
Helping wind manufacturing companies to locate in the region
Wind assessments and siting analysis
Developing a broad range of wind related education curriculum
Text Box: GOAL
The goal of the newly formed Jefferson Wind Energy Institute, or JWEI, is to develop a regional center to spur the development of wind energy in the area.  Experts from a broad range of backgrounds throughout the region are being assembled to provide technical support, initiate research, and provide guidance to policy makers.  JWEI intends to provide the proper climate that will make wind energy flourish in the region, bringing economic revitalization, green jobs and clean energy.


An example of the work that JWEI is doing involves the development of a wind turbine design that can take advantage of the regions lower wind speeds.  The Darius style “H” rotor with helical blades, would be supported with magnetic bearings to eliminate the friction and maintenance problems with roller element or fluid film bearings, and use a direct drive generator to eliminate gear box problems.  The helical “H” configuration provides a more efficient design at the lower wind speeds that are so prevalent in much of this region.


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