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University Policies

The University prohibits threats and acts of violence on University property and within University facilities. In addition, the University prohibits threats or acts of violence at any University-sponsored event; while engaged in University business, educational or athletic activities; and while traveling in University vehicles. The University also will evaluate any conduct of which it becomes aware that occurs off-duty or outside the above-listed activities, when that conduct may affect an employee's or student's relationship with the University community.

The University of Virginia promotes a safe environment in which to learn and work by strictly prohibiting threats or acts of violence by or against members of the University community.

The following are examples of prohibited threats or acts of violence:

  • intentionally causing physical injury to self or others;
  • engaging in behavior that causes a risk of physical injury to self or others;
  • engaging in behavior that subjects another person to extreme emotional distress (for example, verbal abuse, harassment, or stalking);
  • possessing, brandishing, or using a firearm, weapon or other destructive device in violation of law or University policy;
  • intentionally damaging University property; or
  • threatening to cause injury to self or others or to damage property.