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The Art of Diagnosis

Brydie Ragan (artist/polymath) and Julie Davis Turner (microbiologist)

On the evening of the Science & Art Project kickoff event, Julie Davis Turner (associate professor of medical education in microbiology at U.Va.) and Brydie Ragan (artist/polymath) met outside the “speed dating” room just as Brydie was about to leave the event. Julie said, "You look familiar to me," and Brydie said, “So do you.” After a brief exploration about where they might have met previously, Brydie said, “I'm looking for a microbiologist,” and then Julie laughed and said, “I'm a microbiologist!” After exchanging some ideas, Julie invited Brydie to meet with her to plan an event for Julie's colleagues in the Department of Microbiology. Thus was born this collaboration: The Art of Diagnosis. Find out more about the project.

Examples of Brydie Ragan's work

Ragan uses a combination of ink, watercolor, marker, and origami paper in the images pictured here. All images ©2009 by Brydie Ragan.


Supporting documentation

The Usefulness of Children’s Drawings in the Diagnosis of Headache
Ewing, William. Inside Information: Imaging the Human Body. New York: Fireside, 1996.