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Sciart Collaboration Workshop

February 28, 2009 from 3 PM - 5 PM at the McGuffey Art Center

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First, we will identify ideas/problems for the workshop. Several small mixed-discipline groups will have a limited amount of time to frame the components of an idea/problem and generate a variety of approaches, visions, or solutions. Then the workshop will be opened up to bring in more ideas for consideration by the groups.

  • A creative, social, and working interaction between artists and scientists
  • An energetic exchange of ideas
  • A repeatable model for framing and solving cross-disciplinary problems
  • Incentive for some to pursue further explorations of the given problem
  • Incentive for some to pursue future partnerships with workshop members.
  1. Facilitate this exciting process:

    We are inviting volunteers to sign up for a brief training workshop in advance of the event. The purpose of this training is to teach individuals how to facilitate this and future workshops. Participants will learn to frame questions, explain participation, record data, keep time, choreograph the remixing of groups, and capture a summary result at the end. The Facilitator Training Workshop will be from 3 PM - 5 PM on Saturday, February 21 at the McGuffey Art Center. Training will be conducted by Susan Skalak and Paul Erb.

  2. Submit problems/ideas:

    We are inviting members of the science/art community to submit ideas/problems for the first workshop. The hosts of the first workshop will select several ideas from your submissions to use in the workshop. These ideas will be the starting point for the sessions on February 28. Please send submissions to Please note: short, succinct submissions will be preferred over lengthy ones.

    Example: When TV’s all go digital, what creative or functional purpose can the numerous discarded roof and TV antennae serve, before they begin to accumulate in landfills?

  • Susan Skalak, Ph.D. (mechanical engineering) spent 6 years in IBM as a manufacturing and design engineer, followed by 6 years of teaching design and manufacturing classes at U.Va.
  • Paul Erb, Ph.D. (comparative literature) followed 20 years of scholarship and teaching in film and literature with technology management, designing and introducing new capability to a Fortune 200 company.
  • Rosamond Casey, BFA (visual artist) founding member of the Science & Art Project, member of the McGuffey Art Center, teaches art courses on ways to translate ideas into materials.

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