Initiating Civil Legal Action

Legally, sexual assault is not only a crime against the state, but also a civil dispute between survivor and assailant. You may win a civil suit in court or you may choose to negotiate a contract, or "settlement," out of court prior to trial even if you lose a criminal case. In exchange for a promise not to sue or withdrawal of a pending suit, or as a result of a successful judgement at trial, you may seek any or all of the following promises from the assailant. That they:

A Few Key Points & First Steps:

For more information about the civil process, there are legal resources listed in the Student Resource Guide who may be able to help.

Additionally, the National Center for Victims of Crime has information on civil justice options.

You may also reference the Crime Victim Bar Association’s Civil Justice for Victims of Crime informational booklet.

This website is for informational purposes only, and should not be used in place of legal advice or counsel.