Seeking Medical Care

After a traumatic event such as sexual assault or an abusive incident, it is important to seek out medical care. The providers can help determine the extent of injuries, whether you need medications (e.g., emergency contraception, antibiotics to prevent sexually transmitted infection, antiretrovirals to prevent HIV), how to assist you emotionally, and if you are interested in the collection and preservation of physical evidence (PERK Kit).

If you want a PERK exam, you must seek care at the Department of Student Health or the UVA Hospital Emergency Department within 72 hours of the encounter for evidence collection. You don’t have to make any decisions about reporting or pressing charges to get care—preserving evidence preserves your options down the road.

If you do not seek medical services within 72 hours, it is NOT too late to receive care. Follow up care can be provided at Student Health or another provider you feel comfortable with. They can also assess and treat any injuries and offer you testing and treatment for STIs. Emergency contraception (to prevent pregnancy) can be used up for up to 5 days after an assault. Counseling services can be received at CAPS or the Women’s Center.

If you have any questions before or after medical treatment, call the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) office at 295-7273 during business hours, or the 24-hour hotline: 977-7273.

If a friend or family member isn't available, you may call "911" for police or rescue squad transportation to the hospital, or a Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) counselor may be able to arrange transportation for you. You may ask for them to come in an unmarked vehicle.