Getting Other Help and Support

The Women’s Center and the Office of the Dean of Students stand ready to help both survivors and their friends and loved ones in any way we can through this difficult time. Services provided by our offices include:

Women’s Center

Office of the Dean of Students

The survivor need not file a formal report or disclose the name of the perpetrator to receive support services. If the name of a student perpetrator is disclosed to a University official, the University is required under Federal law to investigate further and take any remedial actions deemed necessary. These actions will likely include, at minimum, a meeting with the perpetrator and the issuance of a no contact order as described above. The survivor, however, is not required to file formal charges.

The Shelter for Help in Emergency

The Shelter for Help in Emergency, often referred to as “SHE,” is the local community organization that seeks to raise awareness and educate people in the local area about the issue of relationship violence. In addition, they offer support services to victims, including University students. Their services include:

For more information about SHE services, check their website at