Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

Why take a self-defense class?

There are many reasons to take self-defense classes. The most obvious is to learn skills to protect yourself from those who want to cause you physical harm. But learning to fight back is often a difficult and uncomfortable subject for many women to think about. It doesn't have to be that way and self-defense training can provide many more benefits beyond the actual techniques learned. It can build confidence, independence, improve body image and be very empowering.

What to look for in a self-defense class:

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) Self-Defense Classes for Women

There are a variety of kinds of self-defense courses offered in the community. At UVA the RAD course is offered through the Women's Center and the UVA Police Department. The National RAD Program is an empowerment-based course, designed to counter the stereotype that women are defenseless against an attacker. This course teaches women awareness of their physical strengths and abilities to use their bodies as personal weapons. RAD emphasizes a variety of options in practical risk-reduction and basic self-defense, recognizing that every situation is different and that no one choice is right for all women. Participants learn a variety of options in self-defense, including verbal assertiveness, strikes, kicks, releases out of choke holds, and defending oneself from the ground. Much of the class is spent practicing these moves full strength on kick bags and pads, with the goal of making self-defense instinctual. There is also the option of realistic simulation, which entails a fully padded instructor reenacting attacks so students can apply moves learned to a live person.

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