Reporting Options

To Report or Not To Report

Reporting an assault is a deeply personal choice that only you can make. There is no requirement that you must prosecute your assailant. Survivors often make this decision based on the circumstances of their assault and their life situation, including whether or not they feel that they have friends or family who will support them through the process.

Another factor for some survivors is the feeling that they would not want another person to be victimized by the same perpetrator. Filing criminal charges or filing charges through the University’s Sexual Misconduct Board if their attacker was a U.Va. student,  is one way of regaining some control, holding the perpetrator accountable for his or her actions, and taking a stand on their own and the community's behalf.

The following provides information about several different reporting options. For further
information about any of these options, please do not hesitate to contact the Women’s Center or the Dean of Students Office.