[Please note that this is an extremely rough draft and not intended for quotation or citation beyond the confines of the present festschrift]

William Pinch Subaltern Sadhus? Political Ascetics in Indian Myth, Memory, and History 1
William R. Pinch

Wesleyan University
E-mail: wpinch@wesleyan.edu
Peasant Symposium: Hauserfestschritt, Draft copy, May 1997

[1. Betrayal] [2. Sadhu Patriots] [3. Gosains, Bairagis, and the Eighteenth Century] [4. From Soldier to Subaltern in the Nineteenth Century] [5. Discipline. Devotion, and the Ascetic Armed] [6. Ascetics. Archers, and Institutionalization] [7. Subalternity and Discipline]

1. Betrayal

83. Amin, Event, Metaphor, Memory. [BACK]

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