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On-line Documentation, Help, and Frequently Asked Questions

How to Request a Space on the SOURCE

Step 1 - After you have logged in to the SOURCE and selected My Requests, a new request form will open. If you have not already looked at the availability of spaces, click on the second line of the request form to return to the Locations grid.

Step 2 - Locations View:

Step 3 - Searching for room availability is relatively simple. The locations grid will open to the default setting of Newcomb Hall Spaces. Scroll up or down to view additional spaces within an area. Scroll right to left to view times if day. To search other areas, select one of the filters on the right side of the screen. Blocks on the grid indicate that spaces have already been reserved. Blank spaces on the grid represent available times. Please note that spaces open on the grid are not always still available. Requests are typically booked in the order they are received, so another individual or organization’s pending request may already be in the queue for scheduling. Also, some multi purpose spaces require set up or clean up time, and service providers (such as Facilities Management or Catering) may need additional time for preparations or breakdown. These pre- and post- event times are not currently reflected on the SOURCE.

Step 4 - To select a space and time for a reservation request, click on an open space. By selecting an available space first, the system will fill in both your space preference and the date and the starting hour you have selected.

Step 5 - Date patterns may be entered by selecting Ad Hoc, Daily, or Weekly, and designating how frequently the meeting or event will occur:

Step 6 - A specific space may be selected or just an area. The Other field will be filled in if a request originated from the locations grid. It is best to fill in the desired space under “Specific Space,” which sends the request directly to the appropriate scheduler. A space entered in the Other field will go first to Newcomb Hall Event Planning, and the request will be redirected by Newcomb staff. This extra step in the process typically increases response time by a day or two.

Step 7 - Resources needed or other special requests that may require approvals are included on the Request form. Fill in as many fields as possible to reduce the need for schedulers to contact you before processing the request.

Step 8 - Any additional information or questions may be entered in Comments. The Description field allows requestors to include information about events that will be posted on the SOURCE.

Step 9 - Once the request form has been filled out, click on Submit to send the request in.
To check on the status of a request, log in to the SOURCE under My requests and select Pending requests to view submissions that have not yet been processed. Approved Requests will display those submissions that have been processed. If you need to contact a scheduler about a request (pending or approved), just click on the name of the scheduler next to the event to send an email. The subject line will reference the event number, allowing schedulers to quickly locate the event in question.

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