OSP Financial Compliance and Education

The OSP Financial Compliance and Education team provides compliance oversight and outreach across UVa grounds. Our team offers guidance and education to ensure compliance with all University, Commonwealth, and Sponsor policies and guidelines.

The Compliance group is responsible for developing policies, procedures, metrics and outreach encompassing the following topics:

  • Effort Reporting
  • Costing Practices
  • Cost Sharing
  • Cost Transfers and Labor Distribution Adjustments
  • Retroactive Cost Transfers

The team also establishes strategic direction for monitoring and compliance-related initiatives and develops and facilitates intstitutional training for sponsored program functions across the life cycle.


University of Virginia Code of Ethics and Statement of Purpose

Fraud Hotline Information (for concerns involving finances ONLY)*
  • Internal Audit Fraud Hotline
    Call 434-924-4110 (all calls are anonymous)
  • State Fraud Hotline
    Call 1-800-723-1615
  • Fraud Brochure

*For research related fraud concerns that do NOT involve finances, contact Dave Hudson, Interim Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies at (434) 924-7026.