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Costing Practices
Guidance on Lab Allocation Plans
How to Look Up an Award Purpose Code
How to Tell if My Project Has Transaction Controls
Integrated System Mapping Prefixes to Award Types Report
Types of Awards
Glossary (includes UVA terminology)
Management of Sponsored vs Non-Sponsored Funds (Table)
Records Management and Sponsored Programs
Costing Decision Pyramid
Export Controls
Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A)

Key Sponsored Project Policies and Procedures (by Topic)

*Be sure and review the full listing of OSP Policies and Procedures, as well as the UVA Policy Directory.


Policy FIN-001 - Gift vs Sponsored Project
Pollicy VIII.A.1
- Grant and Contracts: Definition, Solicitation, Clearance and Acceptance
Policy VIII.A.2 - Grants and Contracts: Responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Programs
Policy VIII.A.4 - Grants and Contracts - Documents to be Approved by the Offfice of Sponsored Programs
Policy RES-005 - Financial Conflicts of Interest for Research Investigators
Procedure 8-8 - Request for an Individual Not Meeting Policy Criteria to Serve as a Prinicpal Investigator
Procedure 8-9 - Preparation of Proposal Approval Sheet and Budgeted Cost Sharing Forms
Procedure 8-14 - Budgeting Direct Costs of Sponsored Programs
Procedure 8-12 - Request to Establish or Extend Awards Prior to Receipt of Funding (“At-Risk” Awards)

Award Management/Postaward

Policy VIII.C.3 - Assigning PTAEOs to Sponsored Programs
Procedure 8-15 - Transaction Controls and Notice of Award Distribution
Policy VIII.A.5 - Grant and Contract Changes
Procedure 8-13 - Preparation of Grant and Contract Changes
Policy VIII.A.6
- Consistent Treatment of Sponsored Programs Costs
Procedure 8-20 - Preparation of Cost Transfers Involving Sponsored Program Awards
Procedure 8-21 - Retroactive Cost Transfers for Expenditures
Procedure 8-22
- Retroactive Labor Distribution Adjustments
Procedure 8-23 - Charging Visa Application Fees to Sponsored Projects
Procedure 8-24 - Participant Support Costs
Procedure 8-25 - Program Income from Federal Grants and Contracts
Procedure 8-41 - Graduate Student Health Insurance
Policy FIN-003 - Management of Sponsored Program Awards in a Budget Deficit
Procedure 8-30 - Sponsored Program Budget Deficits

Sponsored Programs Compliance

Policy VIII.C.1 - Compliance with Sponsor Requirements (under revision)
Policy VIII.C.1A - Compliance with Federal Sponsor Requirements (under revision)
Policy FIN-027 - Time and Effort Certification
Policy FIN-028 - Minimum Effort on Federally Funded Sponsored Research Activities

School-Level Research Administration Websites

College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Curry School of Education
School of Engineering and Applied Science
School of Medicine

Other University of Virginia Offices

Vice-President for Research
Research Oversight & Compliance (with links to information on IRBs, IACUC, Responsible Conduct of Research, Biosafety, etc)
Financial Administration
F&A Distribution
Recharge Centers
Human Resources
Compliance and Immigration Services
Licensing and Ventures Group
Travel Basics and Per Diem Rate Guide
Provost Office - Wage Authorization (Professional Research Staff, Graduate Student Compensation)

Educational Opportunities


OSP Education Opportunities
Subscribe to OSP's Education Opportunities Mailing List
Quarterly Research Administrator's Forums (RAF)
Accounting Services Brown Bags
Financial Administration - Fiscal Administrator Meetings
Certified Research Administrator (CRA) Review Classes

Professional Organizations

National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA)
Society of Research Administrators International (SRA)
Virginia SRA
Research Admistrators Certification Council (CRA certifying body)

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