Advanced Studies in Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) - Course Description

Advanced Studies in Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)- This is a Concentration Course

Building on information provided in the "Introduction to Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)" session this course will explore the following topics in greater depth:

  • 'Gray' costs that often require justification and documentation to charge directly.
  • A logical thought process and suggested questions to pose to investigators when determining if an 'unlike circumstance' exists.
  • Specific cost items and their normal classification for costing purposes at UVa (direct or facilities and administrative costs)
  • Impacts of decision making on the Facilities and Administrative -F&A rates

Discussion topics will include a closer look that the UVa Disclosure Statement (DS-2), the completion of the CAS portion of the UVa Internal Proposal Routing Form (Goldenrod), and the importance of documentation during audits.

The structure of this session will be predominantly case study exercises, in groups and individually, as well as group discussion. Case studies will represent real examples and will serve to assist participants in a greater understanding of adequate and complete justification/documentation in the event of 'unlike circumstances', specific items of cost to be watchful of, and the distinction between valid and invalid arguments in the treatment of cost items as direct expenses.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Cost Accounting Standards or permission of the instructor.

Class size: Limited to 20