Costing Basics Course Description

Costing Basics - This is a Core Course

This session will provide a broad overview of costing practices and guidance such as:

  • Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)
  • Proper use of expenditure types
  • General cost allocation topics
  • The life cycle of a sponsored project
  • What guides our decisions

Through the training, participants will learn to:

  • Define direct and indirect costs and their criteria.
  • Identify resources for administrators in maintaining CAS compliance.
  • Distinguish between non-allowable F&A costs and allowable F&A costs/justification.
  • Explain the roles of OSP and the departments in following CAS.
  • Review methods to spot potential difficulties BEFORE they become problems.

These sessions are available to anyone interested including:

  • Grant administrators
  • Graduate Students
  • Lab technicians/Lab managers
  • Fiscal technicians/Office managers involved with purchasing and charging items to sponsored projects

Class size: Limited to 20