Effort Reporting - An Introduction to the Concepts and UVa Practices Course Description

This is a Core Course

This course has been developed by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for School and Departmental Research Administrators involved with the Effort Reporting process in both Medical and non-Medical fields. Faculty/PIs engaged in the research enterprise are welcome to attend this session as well. This workshop has been prepared to provide seasoned administrators with a refresher of the information or the newcomer to this function an understanding of why and how effort reporting is accomplished.

Federal regulations require recipients of Federal funds to have a method to document and certify all effort expended toward sponsored awards and other activities, whether those costs were treated as direct or F&A costs.

The workshop will explore this concept of effort reporting and Federal requirements that guide internal UVa procedures and practices. Other topics of discussion will include:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of those involved in effort reporting
  • UVa Practices - Creation of the reports, distribution, certification, timeliness, etc.
  • Implications of NIH Salary Cap, Cost Share commitments, NIH "K-Career" Awards on effort reporting
  • Effort Certification Challenges
  • Step-by-Step Tutorial of the UVa Effort Reports; special considerations and hands-on case studies to apply your knowledge
  • Non-compliance risks to the University and faculty