Fly America Act and
Travel Funded by Federally Sponsored Programs

What is the Fly America Act?
The Fly America Act generally requires the use of a U.S. carrier for all travel funded by the U.S. Government, regardless of cost or convenience.

Are there any exceptions?
We do not encourage you to use foreign carriers, as the complexity of the exceptions makes it extremely difficult to demonstrate that the institution is in compliance with the act,

**Because of the complexity of the exception provisions, it is recommended that you contact if you believe the circumstances of the proposed travel may justify an exception.

---Exceptions should be rare and must be thoroughly documented (see below).--

The most relevant exceptions to the Fly America Act requirements related to U.S. Open Skies Agreements, air transport agreements between the United States and other countries.  In particular, the
The US/European Union (EU) Open Skies agreement grants EU airlines the right to transport cargo and passengers on flights funded by the U.S. government when these flights are between a point in the U.S. and any point in a Member State, or between two points outside the U.S, as long as the flight originates, arrives or stops somewhere in the EU. (Detailed information on the US/EU agreement can be found in the  GSA Bulletin FTR 11-02 “Federal Travel Regulation”.)

Note: Open Skies" Agreements do not extend this exception when the travel is funded by the Secretary of Defense (DoD) or Secretary of a military department.

What documentation is required?
In addition to any UVA Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services requirements, departments should maintain records of the purpose of the trip, traveler, destination and all resources used to determine that an exception to the Fly America Act was appropriate. In the case of disallowance by internal or external reviewers, the department will be responsible for absorbing the disallowed costs.

Reminder Taking University equipment or technical information that is not publicly available with you on foreign travel is an export and may require a license or other US Government authorization.  For assistance determining applicable requirements and obtaining any required authorizations, contact the Office of Export Controls ( or x3-7295/x2-5725).