Important Institutional Information

Authorized Institutional Representatives

Rob Merhige, Director of Grants and Contracts

Stewart Craig, Assistant Dean for Research Administration, Director, Office of Grants & Contracts, School of Medicine

Institution's Legal Name:

The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia

Institutional Address:

Office of Sponsored Programs
1001 North Emmet Street
P.O. Box 400195
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4195
Phone: (434) 924-4270
Fax: (434) 982-3096

Administrative Contracting Offices:

Office of Naval Research
Atlanta Regional Office
100 Alabama Street
S.W. Suite 4R15
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104

Cognizant Government Agency (DHHS):

Arif "Mak" Karim - Director, Cost Allocation Services
Tel: 214.767.3600

Mid-Atlantic Field Office
7700 Wisconsin Ave.
Suite 2300
Bethesda, MD 20857
(for courier services like FedEx and UPS, use zip code 20814)

Tel: 301.492-4855
Fax: 301.492.5081

IRS Exempt Status:

Tax Exempt Letter

Fringe Rates:

F&A Rates for FY 2012-2015 and FY 2015 Fringe Benefits Rates

Congressional District:

The 5th District of Virginia

Government Approved Accounting System?

Answer: Yes

Date of Last Audit:


Government Approved Property System?

Answer: Yes

Date of Last Audit:


Date of Disclosure Statement Acceptance Letter:


Debt and Debarment Certifications:

Answer: No

Date Misconduct in Science Filed:


Filed Assurances Regarding Civil Rights:

  • Civil Rights Assurances (45 CFR 80): 05/15/1978
  • Assurance Concerning the Handicapped: (45 CFR 84): 06/07/1977
  • Assurance Concerning Sex Discrimination: (45 CFR 86): 04/11/1977
  • Assurance Concerning Age Discrimination: (45 CFR 90 & 45 CFR 91): 02/01/1978

System for Award Management (SAM) Registration Expiration Date:


NRC Number:


AAALAC Last Accreditation Date:

(See UVa IACUC website)

DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) #


NSF Institution Code:


NIH Institution Code:


PHS Animal Assurance Number:

(See UVa IACUC website)

PHS Animal Assurance Expiration Date:

June 30, 2015
(See UVa IACUC website)

Human Subjects Number:

FWA 00006183
Effective: 01/21/2004
Expires: 06/13/2018

CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Code:


NAICS Number:


Is the organization delinquent on any federal debt?


Is the organization presently debarred, suspended or proposed for debarment from covered transactions by any Federal agency?


Does the organization participate in any reportable lobbying activities?


Federal Entity Number:


DHHS & NIH Salary Cap for FY 2015 Awards Issued After 1/10/2015:

$183,300 (Federal Executive Level II)

DHHS & NIH Salary Cap for FY 2014 Awards Issued After 1/11/2014:

$181,500 (Federal Executive Level II)

DHHS & NIH Salary Cap for FY 2012 Awards Issued After 12/22/2011:

$179,700 (Federal Executive Level II)

NIH Salary Cap for FY 2012 Awards Issued Before 12/23/2011:

$199,700 (Federal Executive Level I)

FICE (Federal Interagency Committee on Education):