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Rebecca Chang (白蓉)


On July 4, after dropping off two of my classmates at Charlottesville’s train station, I started to drive home. It was a beautiful day. As I drove, I reflected on the wonderful and productive three weeks I had just spent learning at the University of Virginia’s StarTalk Chinese Teacher Academy. My heart is full of gratitude for the great learning opportunity the program provided to me. I am grateful for being able to study at the University of Virginia, and fully engaged in learning at the one of the highly regarded StarTalk Chinese Teacher Academy in the United States.

During my time at the StarTalk program, I not only had the opportunity  to meet and learn from  the knowledgeable and caring program director Dr. Tseng and other master teachers, but I also met a group of intelligent, diligent, confident, and dynamic teachers from all over the United States. I have learned so much from them and enjoyed our teamwork together.  

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Tseng, not only for giving me this great learning opportunity, but also for being a wonderful program director and a caring    teacher. My appreciations also go to Hsu Laoshi and Zhong Laoshi, for the excellent demonstrations, instructions, and suggestions they gave to our lesson plans and practicums. I would also like to express my thanks to Jiang Laoshi and Gao Laoshi for their devotion in working with student participants. I thank Michelle and Virginia for always willing and ready to help. Finally yet importantly, my appreciation also goes to Mr. Wu and Regan Wu for being such a supportive force in the program.

My experience in the StarTalk program will not only impact my future teaching practices but will also have a special place in my heart.