The Bursar-L discussion list was created in 1994. Its purpose is to provide an administrative forum for discussion of various Bursar and financial aid-related issues.

As of September 1998, the list has almost 1,000 subscribers from across the United States and several foreign countries. Choose from:

How to Subscribe
How to Unsubscribe
Bursar-L Archive
Bursar-L Document Library
Note to Commercial Vendors Subscribing
to the Bursar List

Known Web Sites of Members on the Bursar-L list

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to the bursar-l mailing list, the process is very simple:

1. Send your request to
2. In the subject line type:

subscribe bursar-l

3. Leave the message body blank.

You should receive an automatic confirmation message that you're now subscribed to the bursar-l mailing list.

How to Unsubscribe

1. Send your request to
2. In the subject line type:

unsubscribe bursar-l

3. Leave the message body blank

A confirmation email will be sent to the unsubscribing address. If you wish to unsubscribe an address other than the address you sent this request from then send your request to

As always, you can contact Steve Kimata ( if you have any questions or encounter any problems.

Bursar-L Document Library
Welcome - Read Me First
Big Ten Bursar By-Laws
Bylaws - NY State Bursars & Business Admin
Survey-Credit Card Usage: Southwest Texas State Univ.

Note to Commercial Vendors Subscribing to the Bursar List:

1. Subscription to the list is fine.
2. However, solicitation is generally not allowed and would not be received well by the membership.
3. Vendors are allowed to participate in the discussion if they have factual information to share on pending legislation, for example. The emphasis is on sharing facts versus solicitating business.

Known Web Sites of Members on the Bursar-L list

Below are web sites, that we know of, for members of the Bursar-L discussion group:
Bowdoin College
Emory University
Northeastern University

Notre Dame

Office of Student Accounts
Cashier Services FAQ

Ohio State
Oklahoma State University
Purdue University Calumet
Southern Illinois University
State University of New York at New Paltz
University at Albany, SUNY

University at Buffalo

Office of Student Accounts (OSA)
Associate Vice President & Controller

University of California San Diego
University of Florida
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
University of North Dakota
University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Vanderbilt University

Offices of Student Accounts
Student Loans

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