Authorized Payers

How do I make a payment in QuikPay@UVA?

First, log in to QuikPay@UVA by clicking here. Once you have logged in, click "Make Payment" in the left hand navigation menu. You will then be presented with a screen where you can enter the amount you wish to pay and your payment details (e-check or credit card). The amount due will be displayed on this page as well, but to see the most up-to-date charges on your student's account, click on "Current Account Activity". If you have more than one student attending the University, you will have a separate account for each student.

E-check payments require you to enter your bank account information, which you can save in QuikPay for future payments. Please note that credit card payments incur a 2.75% fee, and VISA has chosen not to participate in our payment program, so no card with a VISA logo will be accepted in QuikPay. For accuracy and the security of your account information, we cannot accept payments over the phone.

How do I retrieve my username and password?

If you do not know your Login name or password, go to Above the log in fields are separate links for retrieving your login name or your password. For both actions, the process is quick and easy. If you are uncertain whether or not you are an Authorized Payer, Student Financial Services can determine this for you.

Please note that an Authorization to Release Financial Information Form must be on file in our office for us to discuss any of your students’ financial activity.  The student must complete the form and mail it, fax it, or bring it to our office. 

How do I become an authorized payer?

Only the account holder, the student, may establish parents or others as authorized payers.

The student must login to the QuikPay@UVA e-billing and payment system through the "Finances" section of their Student Information System (SIS). The student then clicks on "Authorize Payers" in the left navigation bar. Under the Authorized Payer setup, the student will click on Add New, and specify a login name, password and the email address for their parent or other authorized payer.

The Authorized Payer will receive an email containing their login and name and a link for them to access the system. They must contact the student to obtain the initial, temporary password.

I am an authorized payer for my student, but when I contact Student Financial Services, I am told that your office cannot release financial information about my student. Why is that?

We understand that this distinction may be frustrating to parents and students alike. However, to meet federal standards for FERPA compliance, we require all students to complete an Authorization to Release Financial Information form, specifying individuals to whom we at SFS are authorized to disclose information, in person, by phone, or by email. We encourage students both to establish parents as authorized payers and to complete the Authorization form as soon as possible once they have been admitted and submitted their tuition deposit in order to facilitate communication between parents and our office.

How do authorized payments work?

Authorized Payers and the account holder will receive an email notification each time a statement is generated, when the bill becomes available for viewing.

A student can establish up to 5 authorized payers on their account. The login names and passwords never expire, and authorized payers (or students) can change the email address for e-bill notifications should it ever need to be changed.

Once established as an Authorized Payer, you can view and print your student's e-bills and make electronic payments (e-check or credit card) on their behalf.

Every time an Authorized Payer makes a payment, the student is sent an email informing them of the payment made on their account.

The student cannot see the payment information and history pertaining to an authorized payer. If the student removes authorized payer access or changes the login name or email address, the authorized payer is notified my email.


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