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Medical/Nursing Student Abroad Rotation


Congratulations on planning your clinical rotation abroad. We want to help ensure that your learning experience is safe and rewarding. In addition to routine travel counseling, you will need additional education and preparation for potential blood or body fluid exposure sustained while abroad. This is of utmost importance since many foreign sites do not have the means to test or treat occupational exposures. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. If you have not already done so, fill out the routine Travel Questionnaire and fax to General Medicine at 434-243-9669.
  2. Read PEP Steps.  This resource will give you background information on steps to take if exposed to blood and body fluid while abroad.  In addition, it will serve as a reference for you at your site.  It is recommended that you print a copy to take with you on your trip.
  3. Print and complete the Clinical Rotation Abroad Questionnaire and fax the completed form to General Medicine at 434-243-9669 in order to schedule your individual clinic appointment for counseling.
  4. At your individual appointment, you will review concise information regarding management of blood/body fluid exposures and also receive necessary supplies for lab sampling and prescriptions for post-exposure prophylaxis.  You will also receive any vaccines and prescriptions you need for routine travel.

Occupation Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Information:

  1. PEP Steps
  2. Exposure to Blood
  3. UVA Instructions for Clinical Rotation Abroad
  4. EPInet Exposure report form and Post-Exposure follow-up form
  5. Drug Information for PEP meds:

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