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Required and Recommended Immunizations and Screening Tests

Shortly after acceptance to UVA, every entering student is mailed a Pre-Entrance Health form. The form outlines medical clearance requirements for entering students. If you misplace your Pre-Entrance Health form, you may download it from this website. Remember that both you and a healthcare provider must sign this form.

The deadline for the receipt of your medical clearance compliance documentation is on the letter accompanying the Pre-Entrance Health Record.

For your own health and safety and for the health and safety of the campus community, UVA has certain medical clearance requirements for entering students. Students will not be allowed to register for classes until they have submitted acceptable documentation that they have complied with medical clearance requirements.

We also recommend a number of vaccines for entering students. Some recommended vaccines are now being administered routinely as childhood immunizations, but entering First year students may be too old to have received them as children. Others are routine immunizations for which a student may want or need a booster. The American College Health Association recommends others because of the special health risks of some college students.

Pre-Entrance Health Form

Required Immunizations and Screening Tests

Recommended Immunizations

Tips for Locating Your Immunization Records

Institutions where your immunization records might be found usually have rules for how long they are kept, so very old records may have been destroyed. However, look for records of your immunizations:

  • At the doctor's office or public health clinic where you got your shots.
  • In your family records, such as a baby book or booklet kept by your parents or guardians that your doctor wrote your immunizations as you received them.
  • As a last resort, at your high school. However, many high schools put records in inaccessible storage shortly after a student graduates.
  • At an institution of higher education you have attended in the past, if they required you to submit copies of your immunizations.

No matter how you locate your immunization records, you must submit documentation of compliance with UVA's medical clearance requirements on the official UVA Pre-Entrance Health Record, which must be signed by a healthcare provider. Under certain circumstances, other documentation may be accepted, but providing such documentation will result in delayed processing and may delay a student's ability to register for classes.

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