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Counseling and Psychological Services

Brief Therapy at CAPS

CAPS uses a brief therapy approach when assisting students.  When you are initially seen, if you and your intake therapist agree that a course of psychotherapy at CAPS would be helpful, then you will typically be seen anywhere from a few sessions up to a maximum of 10 times.  Our average length of treatment is approximately 5 sessions. 

Brief therapy tends to promote moderate improvement in your feelings and your daily functioning.  Brief therapy also fits well with student time frames and allows CAPS staff to see a greater number of students by limiting that which we provide to each individual. 

If longer term treatment is recommended, you’ll typically be referred to alternate clinics in the UVA community or to the Charlottesville private practice community.  If it’s necessary for you to be seen longer than 10 sessions and you don't have adequate resources for a community referral, then exceptions can be made to our brief treatment model.  Please understand these exceptions must be limited in order for us to be responsive to the larger university community. 

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