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Counseling and Psychological Services

Medical (Psychiatric) Withdrawal and Medical Clearance for Reenrollment – Important Forms and Letters

If you have received a medical withdrawal for psychiatric reasons and if your school requires that you receive "medical clearance" through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the documents found in links number 1 through 4 below should be reviewed. You must also contact the school in which you are enrolled (Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, etc) in order to determine what forms and processes are required by the office of your academic dean.

The letter referenced in number 2 (below) must be provided to the mental health professional(s) that you saw for treatment during your medical withdrawal. The documents found in numbers 3 and 4 must be completed and returned to CAPS. Once full documentation has been received, the information will be reviewed and you will be notified as to whether CAPS is providing you with medical clearance for return to enrollment.

There are instances where your academic Dean may request an in-person assessment at CAPS in addition to information provided through the form included under number three. An in-person interview at CAPS may also be required if you have not received any treatment while out on medical withdrawal.

  1. Letter to Student - Provides an overview of the process of obtaining medical clearance for reenrollment.

  2. Letter to Mental Health Provider - Provides explanation of the documentation needed by CAPS in order to provide medical clearance and make a recommendation to your academic dean.

  3. Form to be Completed by Student's Physician or Mental Health Provider - This form must be completed and returned to CAPS. CAPS clinicians will review the documentation and forward a recommendation to your academic dean. If the documentation from your treating provider is inadequate, or if your academic dean has specifically requested an in-person reenrollment assessment, then you may need to make an appointment at CAPS for this purpose.

  4. Student Reenrollment Information Update and Consent for Communication with Academic Dean - This form provides CAPS with your current contact information in the event that a CAPS professional needs to speak with you about your request for medical clearance for reenrollment. It also provides CAPS with permission to convey recommendations to your academic deans regarding medical clearance and reenrollment. This form should be completed and returned to CAPS at the time reenrollment is being requested.

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