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Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS Psychiatric Services

CAPS has a staff of psychiatric providers who work in collaborative treatment with CAPS therapists.  If you and your psychotherapist think that medication may be a useful additional treatment approach, you'll be referred to one of our psychiatric providers for an initial evaluation.  As with our counseling and psychotherapy, there is no charge for CAPS psychiatric services.  Currently, approximately 25% of students seen at CAPS are referred for psychiatric medication treatment.    

Your First Psychiatric Appointment

Refills on Medications Prescribed by Your CAPS Psychiatric Provider

Continuing Your Medication after Psychotherapy Ends

FAQs About CAPS Psychiatric Services

How do I make an appointment with a psychiatric provider?

I take medication for ADHD.  Do CAPS psychiatric providers prescribe these medications?

What do I do if I’m about to run out of medication prescribed by an out-of-town physician?

I want to transfer my mental health care to Charlottesville from elsewhere. What do I do?

I see that CAPS has urgent walk-in hours. Does CAPS also have walk-in hours for psychiatric providers?

Can I fill my psychiatric medication prescriptions at Student Health?

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