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Also new for 2004-05: 8 session treatment limit at CAPS:

Beginning fall semester 2004, CAPS will be instituting an eight session treatment limit. Psychotherapy provided to students at CAPS will generally be limited to eight visits per treatment. If a student is seen for eight sessions and he/she returns at a later point during his/her enrollment for help with a different set of issues, then the eight session count would begin again. However, if a student is seen for eight sessions and then returns for help with the same set of issues, then CAPS staff may decide that the eight session treatment limit had been reached.

In most instances where a student needs additional help beyond eight psychotherapy visits, then a referral will be made to an alternate counseling site on grounds or to psychotherapists within the Charlottesville private practice community. In situations where a referral is not possible due to a student's limited resources or where such may not be clinically indicated, then exceptions to the session limit may be made on a case by case basis. These issues will be explored in detail with students once they are seen for an appointment at CAPS.

Session limits do not apply to visits with a CAPS psychiatrist for medication prescriptions or when a student is participating in group psychotherapy.

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