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CAPS at the School of Law

Dr. Kate Gibson, Psychologist

In addition to the CAPS services provided at Student Health, starting this year there will be a CAPS psychologist specifically dedicated to the mental health needs of law school students with an office at the School of Law. Dr. Kate Gibson has been at CAPS for 9 years and is a licensed psychologist. She received her J.D. from Harvard Law School and is a licensed attorney who practiced for 8 years at Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering (now Wilmer Hale) before becoming a psychologist.

Among the services, Dr. Gibson will provide are:

  • Consultation for students and faculty and staff (for concerns about students)
  • Assessment
  • Outreach activities such as presentations, guest talks in class, or meeting with your organization
  • Referrals
  • Brief individual therapy
  • Group therapy

Dr. Gibson is an employee of CAPS and the same CAPS rules of confidentiality apply to her. Information for her clients is maintained separately from any other academic or administrative records and cannot be shared outside of Student Health without permission of the client unless certain legal exceptions apply. For a more detailed overview of CAPS confidentiality, click on this link - CAPS Confidentiality Guidelines.

Confidential Employee
Dr. Gibson, like other Student Health professionals, is a confidential employee and in her role as therapist is not mandated to report sexual assault information to the university.

How to Make an Appointment
A law student who may be interested in mental health services can make an initial appointment with Dr. Gibson by calling the CAPS main number 434-243-5150 and letting them the receptionist know that you are a law student. A first meeting will be in person and take approximately 20 minutes during which you will have the chance to review your concerns and plan appropriate next steps with Dr. Gibson.

Open Office Hour
Dr. Gibson will have an open office hour Mon-Fri from 2-3 pm for unscheduled meetings with students needing immediate attention or faculty and staff who wish to consult on concerning situations. If you come to this hour and the door is shut, please call the CAPS main number (434-243-5150) to check on her availability. If Dr. Gibson she is unavailable, please go to CAPS at Student Health for crisis services (M-Fri 8-4).

Community Connection and Outreach
Dr. Gibson is looking forward to becoming involved in the law school community and would like the chance to meet with student groups, faculty and staff to hear about your experiences at the law school and your thoughts about mental health services and mental health programming that could be helpful at the School of Law. You can also contact her if you would like to arrange for mental health presentations or programming for your organization or class by emailing her at

Office Location
Dr. Gibson’s office is SL135(c). The office is on the ground floor of Slaughter Hall in the Karsh Student Services Center area. If you are facing Caplin Pavilion, go left, past the Admissions office until you can’t go any further. Take a right down the ramp and the entrance to the waiting room will be facing you at the end of the ramp. Dr. Gibson’s office is the first on the left after you go through the door.

Eligibility for services at Student Health
Law students remain eligible for the full range of CAPS services at Student Health.

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