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Counseling and Psycological Services

Administratively Mandated Assessment Consultations

CAPS professionals assist University administrators by providing assessment of students who have violated the University judicial code. The conditions precipitating a CAPS assessment typically entail instances where it is thought that a student's psychological condition has significantly contributed to his/her misbehavior. Additionally, assessments may be mandated when there is concern that a student may be at risk for developing a more acute drug or alcohol use problem or when a student's condition may entail danger to self or others. Assessment results are shared with University administrators with the intent of identifying whether or not follow-up treatment is indicated, as well as whether a student may pose any threat to the stability of the University community.

Where assessment recommendations entail follow-up psychotherapy and/or psychiatric treatment, CAPS professionals will facilitate a student's obtaining appropriate clinical services. Sometimes psychological treatment may be administratively mandated as a condition of a student's continued enrollment. In these instances, CAPS professionals may take on a case manager role in conveying appropriate information regarding a student's condition to the University administration.

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