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Healthy Hoos

What is Healthy Hoos?

Healthy Hoos is a secure online patient portal, or website, that gives Student Health patients convenient 24-hour access to their personal health information.

How do I log into Healthy Hoos?

  1. Go to
  2. Log-in using your Netbadge account information.

What can I do on Healthy Hoos?

Schedule Appointments

  1. Appointments can be made on Healthy Hoos for the following appointments:
    1. Most General Medicine appointments
    2. Nutrition appointments
    3. Allergy Clinic appointments
    4. Immunization Clinic appointments
    5. Appointments with a Peer Health Educator
  2. Appointments can be made online up to 30 minutes before the appointment time (based on availability) in the General Medicine, Allergy, and Immunization Clinics. Appointments can be made two days before the appointment time for nutrition appointments.
  3. Appointments can also be cancelled online up to 30 minutes prior to the appointment time.
  4. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. If you have an urgent medical need, do NOT schedule an online appointment via HealthyHoos. Please call:
    1. (434) 924-5362 during regular business hours
    2. (434) 297-4261 after-hours and weekends
  5. Once an appointment has been made, a generic email will be sent to your UVA email account confirming the date and time of the appointment.

View Billing Statements

  1. Billing statements for all Student Health visits can be found on Healthy Hoos. This does NOT include lab and pharmacy charges.
  2. The information provided on Healthy Hoos should be sufficient to submit to an insurance company for reimbursement.
  3. All Student Health visit charges are transferred to your SIS account one week after the date of services, except if you carry the Aetna Student Health plan.

Submit Forms

  1. Certain appointments, such as Travel Clinic or initial Nutrition appointments, require forms to be filled out before an appointment is made.
  2. Other forms associated with scheduled appointments should also be filled out, including:
    1. Athletic Physicals
    2. Initial Gynecology Health History
    3. Initial Counseling and Psychological Services Brief Screening Visit

Secure Messaging

  1. If you have a secure message waiting at Healthy Hoos, you will receive a generic email on your UVA account saying “You have a new message on HealthyHoos (Patient Portal) at Please logon to read your messages.”
  2. Utilizing secure messaging protects your medical information and privacy. You are able to respond to and send secure messages to a provider with confidence that your privacy is protected.
  3. The Patient Portal is not to be used for emergency communications.

Review Immunization Records

  1. You can see and print out a record of all immunization data on record at Student Health.
  2. Records include all information provided to Student Health by students, outside providers, and immunizations received at Student Health.


For questions about specific appointment, immunization, statement, or medical information, please contact the appropriate department at 434-924-5362.

For technical problems, please contact Student Health Information Technology at:
434-924-8213, 434-924-8456 or email