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All students are required by the University to have health insurance, either under a parent's plan or purchased independently. The requirement assures that resources are available to cover inpatient or specialty care or expenses related to accidents or injuries. Undergraduates, check with your parents - you may already be covered under their health plan or have a separate plan for yourself. All new students must submit a copy of their health insurance card as proof of insurance along with the Pre-Entrance Health Record. For information regarding insurance claims click here.

UVa Endorsed Student Health Insurance Plan

2013-2014 Insurance Information

Getting Covered - For those who are not covered by Aetna Student Health Insurance. This site includes information and resources to inform young adults and their families about dependent coverage, the provision in the new health care law that allows young adults to stay on their parent's plan until age 26.

For information on the student health insurance plan from Aetna Student Health, formerly the Chickering Group, call them at 1-800-466-3027 or go to the UVa page on the Aetna Student Health website.