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Health Insurance and Claims

The University requires that all currently enrolled students, undergraduates as well as graduates, be covered by a licensed health-care insurance provider. Students can verify coverage on their Pre-Entrance Health Record. Students who do not have health insurance must obtain it from a provider of their choice or from the provider currently endorsed by the University. That provider is Aetna Student Health.

Students should bring a copy of their insurance card when they come to the University in the fall. Most companies list a toll-free number for help with questions about benefits or claim procedures.

Professional and Other Services Provided at Student Health

There is no charge for an eligible student to be evaluated by a health care professional at Student Health.  However, some other services provided by Student Health carry a fee. They include supplies for certain treatments, immunizations and allergy injections, and copies of a student’s medical record.

A frequent insurance question is whether Student Health participates in a particular insurance network. Student Health is a relatively small operation, but its scope is large, caring for students from 50 states and 75 countries representing more than 900 different insurance plans. In addition, every year typically sees a 25 percent turnover in plans. Given these factors, it is logistically and financially impossible for Student Health to be a network provider for all these plans.

For the charges described above, Student Health currently participates as a provider in only one insurance network, Aetna Student Health Insurance. Students with other insurance plans who incur charges, these charges will be sent to their student account.

An appropriate receipt is provided by accessing HealthyHoos at, which permits students or parents to file an insurance claim themselves.

Outside of Student Health, all hospital care, specialty referrals, diagnostic X-rays and imaging studies, and Emergency Room care are the financial responsibility of the student.

Lab and Pharmacy at Student Health

Often, laboratory tests or prescription medications are recommended during a visit to Student Health. There are charges for all lab tests and all medications. The University Hospital operates the Student Health clinical laboratory and pharmacy and determines the charges for lab tests and medications. These charges can be directly billed to the student’s insurance plan by the University Hospital. Both the pharmacy and the lab participate in most insurance plans. Alternatively, students can choose to pay out-of-pocket for those services.

In-Network Provider vs. Out-of-Network Provider

The University’s Medical Center is a totally separate entity from Student Health. It participates in most major insurance networks located in the mid-Atlantic area and in a number of major national networks as well.

Questions about insurance filing and claims can be directed to Student Health by calling 434.243.2794.