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Counseling and Psychological Services

University of Virginia
Doctoral Psychology Internship Program


I. The University of Virginia Community
II. Counseling and Psychological Services
III. The Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship Program
  A. Goals and Objectives
  B. Clinical and Consultative Service Activities
  C. Training Activities
1. Supervision
2. Seminars
3. Cultural Training

D. Clinical, Administrative & Training Meetings

  E. Prototype of Weekly Schedule
  F. Summer Rotation
  G. Prototype of Weekly Summer Schedule
IV. Commitments and Benefits
V. Applicant Qualifications, Application Procedures &
Non-discrimination Policy
VI. CAPS Staff
VII. UVA Today (current events at UVA)
VIII. Supplemental Information
  a. Intern Rights and Responsibilities
b. Evaluation Philosophy and Procedures
c. Expected Levels
d. Due Process, Grievance, and Complaint Procedures

CAPS Mission Statement


Diversity Mission Statement

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