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Counseling and Psychological Services

Clinical, Administrative and Training Meetings

Clinical Services Meeting (1 hour weekly): Staff and interns meet every Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. to discuss recent on-call assessments and distribute referrals to CAPS clinicians as needed.

Treatment Team Meeting (1 hour weekly): Each intern is assigned to one of three multidisciplinary treatment teams. Treatment team members present intake evaluations and psychotherapy cases for peer consultation, as well as discuss psychotherapy/psychiatric co-treatment.

Intern Meeting (1 hour weekly, 3 times per month): Interns meet weekly as a group with the Training Director in order to discuss how the internship is progressing, to exchange information, and to share aspects of mutual professional development in a group setting.

Intern Support Lunch (1 hour weekly): Interns meet weekly during lunch for the purposes of debriefing, building group cohesion, and/or discussing professional concerns.

Individual Intern Meeting (1 hour monthly): Each intern meets individually with the Training Director once per month to discuss progress on training goals, professional development issues and intern cohort related issues.

Supervisors’ Meeting (1 hour monthly): Interns participate in the Supervisors’ meeting on a monthly basis, to discuss progress of their practicum supervisees and receive feedback from those same supervisees from other supervisors and seminar facilitators.

Professional Development Luncheon (1 hour monthly): One Intern Meeting per month is devoted to a “Professional Development Luncheon,” in which a psychologist from the community is invited to meet with interns over lunch to discuss the progression of their career from graduate school to present.

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