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Counseling and Psychological Services

Prototype of Weekly Schedule

Direct Service Individual Psychotherapy 8-12 hours
Group Psychotherapy 1.5
Brief Screening Assessments 1.0
Intake Evaluations 1.25
Emergency & Consult Service 4.5
Outreach / Consultation 2.0
Supervision Provision (spring) 1.0
Testing per battery/screening
Subtotal 21.25
Supervision Intake / Individual Psychotherapy Supervision 3.0
Group Psychotherapy Supervision 1.5
Brief Screening Supervision Provided during shift
Emergency & Consult Service / Night Call Supervision Provided during shift
Outreach / Consultation Supervision 1.0
Sup of Sup (spring) 1.5
Testing Supervision per battery/screening
Subtotal 7.0
Seminars/Lectures Brief Therapy Workshop 1st 2 weeks
Contemporary Psychotherapy Seminar 1.5 (biweekly)
Cultural Psychology Seminar 1.5 (biweekly)
Group Therapy Seminar (1st 10 weeks) 1.5
Supervision Seminar (1st 6 weeks) 1.5
Integrated Health Seminar (fall) 1.25
Subtotal 5.75
Meetings Clinical Services Meeting 1.5
Treatment Team Meeting 1.5
Intern Meeting (3x monthly) .75
Intern Support Group 1.0
Individual Intern Meeting (monthly) .25
Professional Dev Luncheon (monthly) .25
Subtotal 5.25
Administrative Paperwork and Charting 4.0
Estimated Total 40.25

Note – group seminar meetings precede group supervision and hence the two do not take place simultaneously. Similarly, supervision seminar meetings precedes supervision of supervision in the same manner.

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