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Counseling and Psychological Services

Summer Rotation

The purpose of the summer rotation is to allow interns to have an alternate training experience as part of the internship. Interns design, in consultation with the Training Director, a 10-12 week summer rotation, according to their individual interests, at an agency in the community or within the University system where they spend approximately 8-12 hours per week. Supervision is provided by a licensed psychologist at the site or, if a psychologist is unavailable, with a non-psychologist at the site, with consultative support from a CAPS psychologist. Prior summer rotations have included:

  • Providing psychotherapy services at a local CMHC for women
  • Participating in forensic assessments at the University of Virginia Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy
  • Engaging in family, couples and individual treatment at the University Hospital’s Family Stress Clinic
  • Providing clinical services and engaging in program development in the Athletics Dept.
  • Offering individual and group therapy for transgendered persons at The Teen Health Center
  • Participating in neuropsychological testing at the University Hospital’s Behavioral Medicine Center
  • Engaging in clinical services at a specialty CMHC for GLBT clients in Washington, DC.
  • Apprenticing with University hospital chaplaincy by attending bed-side visits and relevant trainings
  • Engaging in direct clinical work at a D.C. eating disorders unit.
  • Apprenticing regarding project development and workshop attendance at The Center for Ethical Practice, Inc.
  • Conducting intakes and providing brief treatment at Charlottesville’s Sexual Assault Resource Agency

Interns begin researching opportunities and designing their rotations early in the spring semester with the assistance of the Training Director. The intern, the rotation site, and the Training Director sign an agreement outlining the intern’s planned activities and the nature of the supervision that will be provided.

Due to the cyclical nature of University Counseling Center work, intern caseload hours in the summer are reduced, groups terminate, and fewer seminars and meetings are held at CAPS, thus allotting time for the summer rotation. Also during the summer, instead of the 4.5 weekly hours of emergency and consult coverage, interns provide 24-hour on-call coverage for two one-week periods, similar to that of staff.

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