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Learning Needs Evaluation Center

How to Access LNEC Services

To access services, consult the procedures below.  As soon as you know you need to initiate or change a service, please contact LNEC.  In order for us to provide appropriate accommodations efficiently, you must allow us time to secure them and to coordinate efforts with faculty and other University agencies. Whenever possible, please request accommodations during pre-registration, or within the first three weeks of the semester.  Check your e-mail account regularly for LNEC updates and information.

You must provide LNEC with a copy of your documentation.  Please contact LNEC for information about the types of documentation most useful in determining how to address your current needs.  LNEC staff will review documentation with you and discuss appropriate reasonable course accommodations.

Guidelines for Documentation of a Learning Disorder or ADHD 
Guidelines for Documentation of a Medically-Based Disability 
Guidelines for Documenting a Psychiatric Disability 

Accommodations Requests
To request approved reasonable course accommodations for each semester, visit the Center during preregistration to fill out the memo request form.  If your schedule changes, please complete an updated request form immediately.  It is to your advantage to have accommodations in place as early as possible, even if you think you may NOT wish to use them.  Last-minute accommodations may not be available because of time limits and logistical difficulty in securing them.

Pick up memos within approximately ten days after making your request. All students are responsible for delivering memos and notetaker packets immediately to faculty.

When delivering memos, be sure to discuss your needs and the logistics of your accommodations with professors.  If professors have questions or issues you cannot address, please refer them to an LNEC staff member.

Class Notes
If you are requesting notes, deliver your notetaker packet promptly to individual faculty and return the green sheets to LNEC.  If your professor does not solicit volunteer peer notetakers by the second class after you have provided the packet, remind him/her.  If your professor is having trouble getting volunteers, an LNEC staff member can visit the class to make an appeal.

Check your notebook at LNEC weekly and notify a staff member if your notes are not coming in regularly.  We collect notes regularly, but we cannot monitor each notebook to see how frequently class notes arrive.  It is your responsibility to tell us about a problem as soon as it arises.

If you are receiving notes for a course and decide you no longer need them, please inform an LNEC staff member that you wish to cancel this service.

Taped Texts
If you receive taped texts, provide the Reading Program Coordinator, as soon as possible, with course syllabi for the classes for which you are requesting taped readings. You will be responsible for working out a schedule with her for receiving tapes recorded by LNEC.

If you are already a member of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB), you are responsible for inquiring whether any of your textbooks are available. If they are, you can order them directly from RFB by phone at 1-800-221-4792. You are also responsible for returning the tapes to RFB.

Provide the Reading Program Coordinator with hard copies, when appropriate, of any readings based on the web that you want recorded.

Pick up your tapes regularly and return borrowed equipment and tapes at term’s end. You will be responsible for any equipment not returned or damaged due to misuse.

Student Health/LNEC has the right to put a hold on transcripts and other registration functions through ISIS for failure to return equipment as agreed.

If you drop a class for which taped readings are received or feel like you no longer need tapes for a specific class, please notify the Reading Program Coordinator.

Group tutoring is provided to undergraduate university students in specific courses through the Office of Academic Support Services, located in Garrett Hall.  If for some reason you need to negotiate individual tutoring, contact an LNEC staff member.  If individual tutoring is arranged, you are responsible for attending all scheduled tutorials and notifying LNEC if you find that you no longer need this services.

Rooms for Exams
If you need to take a course exam at LNEC, please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a room.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Service
For interpreters, CART, assistive listening devices, and other services relevant to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, please contact Kate O'Varanese, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing service coordinator.

If you need special services like specialized housing or transportation, please tell the Disability Services Coordinator.