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Need to organize an FOA for your fraternity or sorority?

Need to fulfill the Health & Wellness requirement for your residents?

Need to keep your CIO updated with important health knowledge?

Peer Health Educator (PHE) outreach presentations are offered to any organization in the University community, though the majority of requests are generated from fraternities, sororities and Resident Advisors seeking to fulfill U.Va.’s FOA (Fraternal Organization Agreement) requirements and Health and Wellness requirements, respectively. Outreaches are designed and intended to provide general information and further resources on health topics that are of particular importance to our college community.

The Benefits of Participating in a PHE Outreach:

  • Explore pertinent and current health and wellness issues facing members of your community
  • Challenge myths and misperceptions
  • Receive factual, up-to-date health information and resources in the community presented by comprehensively trained paraprofessionals hosted at your facility

Current Outreach Topics Include…

Apples to Apples: Addresses healthy eating and active living.

The outreach includes:

  1. A comparison of several sample meals and a discussion about what could be added or subtracted to enhance nutrition
  2. An exercise activity followed by a discussion on unique exercise options and how to fit more activity into your daily life
  3. An activity introducing food groups, recommended daily values, and how to read a nutrition label
  4. An activity about healthy choices when dining out complete with real menus from local restaurants
  5. A group brainstorm of what you can make with food staples found in most college students’ kitchens or dorm rooms
  6. A mindfulness discussion about listening to your body and how to savor and enjoy your food
  7. Trivia questions related to nutrition

Buzzed: Addresses the effects of alcohol on the body, the alcohol content within various types of drinks, how to help a friend who is intoxicated, and resources surrounding substance use at U.Va.

The outreach includes:

  1. An activity where participants list the different factors that can affect blood alcohol content (BAC)
  2. An engaging skit on how to help an intoxicated friend
  3. “Bartender school” where participants estimate the size of a standard drink at a party to gain an understanding of alcohol consumption levels
  4. Trivia about substance use and abuse
  5. Resources related to substance use at U.Va and in the Charlottesville community

Sexfest: Addresses sexual health concerns, healthy sexuality, STIs, contraception, and consent.

The outreach includes:

  1. A hilarious skit designed to start a conversation about consent and its importance for sexual activity
  2. A review of the transmission, treatment, and prevention of STIs, including a discussion on HPV
  3. An activity where participants evaluate various behaviors and categorize them as low, medium or high risk activities
  4. A demonstration on how to properly use a condom (free condoms will be available for participants to take)
  5. A discussion of various contraceptive options and/or testicular self-exams
  6. A delineation between sexuality and sex, and a discussion of the components of healthy sexuality

Trouble in the Bubble: Addresses sleep and stress management, as well as their impact on overall health and wellness.

This outreach includes:

  1. An activity to define the symptoms of stress and its positive and negative effects as well as the impact of stress on health
  2. A group brainstorm of creative stress-busting activities
  3. How to recognize the difference between stress and more serious conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders
  4. An activity to help participants develop assertiveness and set boundaries
  5. Trivia about sleep and stress
  6. Your choice of a relaxing wind-down activity: a body scan, a massage train, or a soothing beach visualization
  7. Mental health resources at U.Va.

How to Schedule a PHE Outreach Presentation:

Please fill out this linked online form to request an outreach. The current PHE Outreach Coordination Intern will email you via to confirm the outreach scheduling or help you reschedule the outreach if needed. You will be asked to provide the name of your organization, desired date, time, location and the preferred outreach topic.

Please be advised that a lead-time of two weeks is needed to schedule a presentation and that each outreach presentation is designed to be approximately 45 - 60 minutes in duration. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the PHE Outreach Coordination Intern through

What participants are saying from the 2014-2015 Outreaches…

Apples to Apples

“The PHE presenters did an excellent job of engaging the audience and creating a comfortable, conversational atmosphere.”

“I think the message of balance and moderation was very well articulated and a great point for our group.”


“Information was new and very useful in changing the beliefs we had based on common myths.”

“I think that the audience benefited most from learning about what does and doesn't help one sober up and how to help a friend that may be intoxicated.”


“I think the consent talk and the activities around STI's were most helpful - super relevant and got participants talking.”

“The presentation was extremely hands on as well as informative that it captivated the audience's attention.”

Trouble in the Bubble

“I enjoyed the mindfulness exercise. It was a nice way to end the session by providing us with tools we can do on our own time to help reduce stress.“

“The entire Outreach was immensely helpful – about sleeping, healthy eating, and stress relieving techniques and options.”

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