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Peer Health Educators

Wellness Events

The PHE program sponsors University-wide awareness events and works collaboratively with other student organizations and departments across Grounds. Events include:

Mental Wellness Screening Day Fall & Spring
Substance Abuse Awareness Week November
Condom "Boos" October 31
4th Year 5K November 12, 2016
Perfect Illusions November
World AIDS Day December 1
Sexual Responsibility Week February
Stress Relief Study Break Finals Week
Safe Spring Break Week February 27-March 3, 2017
Celebrate Every Body Week February, 2017
Eating Disorder Awareness Walk April 23, 2016

National Benefits to the University
- Promote awareness of nationwide health events
- Provides students with healthy, fun, and appealing alternatives
- Provides accurate college health information in a fun and "laid-back" atmosphere
- Encourages support of a healthy University community

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