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Peer Health Educators

Wellness Events

The PHE program sponsors University-wide awareness events and works collaboratively with other student organizations and departments across Grounds. Events include:

Mental Wellness Screening Day March 27, 2014
Substance Abuse Awareness Week November, 2014
Condom "Boos" October 31, 2014
4th Year 5K November 22, 2014
Perfect Illusions November
World AIDS Day December 1
Sexual Responsibility Week February
Stress Relief Study Break Finals Week
Safe Spring Break Week March 3-7, 2014
Celebrate Every Body Week February 24-28, 2014
Eating Disorder Awareness Walk March 22, 2014

National Benefits to the University
- Promote awareness of nationwide health events
- Provides students with healthy, fun, and appealing alternatives
- Provides accurate college health information in a fun and "laid-back" atmosphere
- Encourages support of a healthy University community

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