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Student Disability Access Center

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

SDAC Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services provides services for deaf and hard of hearing Faculty, Staff and visitors for university sponsored courses, programs, meetings and events.

Services include:

ASL/English Interpreting
Remote Real Time Captioning
Media Captioning Services
other accommodations as requested

It is important to send a request to the deaf and hard of hearing services coordinator at the first available opportunity. Some requests may require review, therefore may require additional time. There are limited numbers of service providers available and a high demand for this service throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Requests that are placed with minimal notice may result in either no services or partial services. Please plan accordingly.

When submitting a request please include the following information:

Time (start and end times):
Nature of Request (meeting, conference, presentation, tour, etc):
Location (building and room):
Person requesting service (if different from self):

Please give us as much notice as possible to secure services for your request.

**When coordinating University events, please be mindful of any visual media and contact our office if you need assistance in captioning movies, video clips, or other visual media content.