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Housing Requests

Based on Medical, Psychological or Disability Related Needs
Guidelines for documentation of a medically-based disability Evaluation of housing requests based on medical, psychological or disability related needs
Verification of medical condition or disability Student request for housing accommodation for medical condition or disability
Guidelines for Service Animals

SDAC receives requests, reviews documentation, and works with the Housing division to facilitate accommodations for students with medical conditions or disabilities who have specific needs, such as wheelchair accessibility, modified safety alarms, kitchen access or access to specific dining halls, single room, etc. Students should adhere to all the standard Housing division policies and deadlines for applications. The deadline for requesting housing accommodations is June 1, 2016. Disability needs will take priority over specific residence hall and/or roommate requests. (For instance, single rooms are not available in all residence halls.) Concurrently, requests for accommodations and supporting documentation should be submitted to SDAC. Please see the links below for further information.