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Student Disability Access Center

Sample Syllabus Statement

Although SDAC encourages all students receiving accommodations to request memos and discuss any necessary accommodations with their professors as early as possible in the semester, faculty can assist in this process. Many professors have found it helpful to include statements, similar to the one offered below, on their syllabi, encouraging students to make contact with them early. Such a statement also ensures that students requesting accommodations for a disability go through the SDAC.

Sample Syllabus Statement:
All students with special needs requiring accommodations should present the appropriate paperwork from the Student Disability Access Center (SDAC). It is the student’s responsibility to present this paperwork in a timely fashion and follow up with the instructor about the accommodations being offered. Accommodations for test-taking(e.g., extended time) should be arranged at least X days before an exam.

The SDAC is located in the Department of Student Health and can be contacted at 243-5180/5181.