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International Travel Clinic

Welcome to the UVA Student Health Travel Clinic!

We are pleased to offer students up-to-date and personalized travel-related medical care. We are staffed by a team of professionals dedicated to your health and safety while learning, exploring, and visiting abroad. The Travel Clinic is coordinated by Dr. Anjali Silva, Certified in Travel Medicine.

Travel Clinic is a service for all students who need travel-related counseling, immunizations or prescriptions, regardless of whether the trip is for academic or personal reasons. Travel clinic is ideal for travel to low and medium resource destinations where there is greater medical risk associated with travel. In general, a travel clinic appointment is not necessary for travel to high resource locations, such as Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. However, travel guidance for these locations is available for review and printing under Region Specific Travel Recommendations.

Demand for travel-related counseling and services has significantly increased in recent years. In an effort to support meet this growing demand, our appointments are in group format. We will strive to tailor these group appointments to groups of students travelling together when requested in advance.

Health recommendations change frequently for travel to specific areas. To ensure that all students receive the appropriate medical care, a Travel Clinic appointment is required for any student requesting travel-related prescriptions or immunizations, even if the student has previously had travel counseling at Student Health or with an outside medical provider.


All appointments for travel should be scheduled as early as possible in the travel planning process. This ensures ample time for appointment scheduling and more importantly, for travel vaccines to take effect prior to departure.

Please note that group travel appointments are free of charge, but there may be associated charges for vaccines and prescriptions.

If you are not able to be seen in a group appointment, an individual travel appointment may be scheduled, based on availability. Individual travel appointments have a $40 charge that will be billed to your student account. Students are required to complete the Travel Clinic Learning Module (earphones recommended) prior to their individual travel appointment.

Customized Travel Classes for Groups travelling to the same destination can be accommodated. See further information below.*

Step 1: Log into your Healthy Hoos account.
Step 2: Complete Travel Questionnaire (required). Please be specific and complete in responses.
Step 3: After submitting the travel questionnaire, call the General Medicine Clinic at 434-982-3915 to schedule your appointment at least four weeks before your departure date.
Step 4: Prepare for your travel appointment:

  • Students not attending the group travel clinic are required to complete the Travel Clinic Learning Module (earphones recommended) and print out the certificate prior to their appointment. There is a $40 charge for students not attending group travel clinic.
  • Medical/Nursing students doing clinical rotations abroad are also required to complete the Clinical Rotations Abroad Module and print out the certificate prior to their appointment.**
  • If you have a physical form that needs to be completed by the clinician, you are required to complete your portion of the form prior to your appointment.
  • Review travel health information (see below).
  • Register with the Education Abroad Office, if applicable.
  • Consider potential costs that may be associated with your travel-related medical care.


  • Vaccinations take time become effective (ideally 4-6 weeks). In addition, some vaccines require a complete series given over the course to provide immunity. Plan ahead.
  • Vaccines are not free of charge. Please review costs prior to your visit.
  • Vaccines are sometimes in shortage nationally. This may require a return visit to complete vaccines. In addition, students may not get a second chance to receive a vaccine for a no-show. Ask to speak to a triage nurse if there are concerns about vaccine availability.


  1. CDC Travelers Health Website
  2. UVa Student Health Travel Website
  3. UVa International Studies Office
  4. State Department: International Travel Warnings and Alerts
  5. Travel Registration with Embassies: Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
  6. Students Abroad: State Department Smart Travel for Students Abroad
  7. International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers
  8. Education Abroad Handbook

* Customized Travel Classes for Groups to the same destination:

This service is available free of charge for groups of students that are traveling together to the same destination. A customized group travel class can be arranged by contacting Anjali Silva MD or Melissa Surgine-Smith. A minimum of 2-4 weeks advanced notice to set up the clinic; have the following information ready:

  • Dates of travel
  • How many in are in your group
  • Specific destinations and number of days at each destination
  • Special activities
  • Special requests for vaccines like JE, yellow fever or rabies
  • Approximate times/days available for travel clinic

**Post Exposure Prophylaxis for Medical/Nursing Care Abroad:

Language immersion programs, shadowing medical personnel, taking vital signs, and medical chart reviews do not constitute a significant exposure risk. If you are not a medical or nursing student, it is recommended that you not be involved in procedures with possible blood and body fluid exposure.