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International Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic Forms/Links:


Student Health Travel Clinic is a service for all students who need travel-related immunizations or prescriptions. Travel clinic is ideal for travel to low resource destinations. Information for travel to high resource locations, such as Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, is located in Region Specific Travel Recommendations.

Appointments are in group format and may last up to three hours, depending on how many students are present. For groups of students that are be traveling together to the same destination, group appointments can be arranged by contacting Anjali Silva MD (

Travel clinic appointments are in high demand during the three to four weeks before a break and clinics may be filled to capacity (up to eight students). Travel clinics at other times of the year are less busy and may require less of a time commitment. Make your appointment as soon as you know your itinerary.

Appointments are made in travel clinic even if students have attended in the past, for previous trips, or even if prescriptions only are needed.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • Log into your Healthy Hoos account. To the left of the page, click on “SDAC/GENMED Forms”.
  • Complete Travel Questionnaire. An appointment cannot be made until the form is completed. All questions are required. Be specific! Travel related vaccinations and medications are highly region dependent. The more details you provide regarding your destination, the more useful you will find your clinic visit.
    • List all the countries on your trip in order of travel.
    • List the cities/regions of each country you will be visiting and include the number of days you will be staying in each location.
  • After your travel questionnaire has been submitted, call the General Medicine Clinic at 434-982-3915 to schedule your appointment at least four weeks before your departure date.
    Do not schedule an appointment in immunization clinic.
    • Please schedule your appointment on a day when you know you will have enough time.
    • Inform the receptionist if you need a physical or a form completed for your travel abroad. You must complete your portion of the form before the appointment. If this is not complete, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.
    • Inform the receptionist if you are providing medical or nursing care abroad with possible blood or body fluid exposure (such as giving vaccinations or drawing blood).
      • Note: Language immersion programs, shadowing medical personnel, taking vital signs, and medical chart reviews do not constitute a significant exposure risk.
      • If you are a medical or nursing student, review the information below in the Medical/Nursing Student Rotation Abroad section before your appointment.
      • If you are an undergraduate, it is recommended that you not be involved in procedures with possible blood and body fluid exposure.
  • If you cannot come to your scheduled appointment, please call to cancel or reschedule.
    • Students who miss TWO travel clinic appointments will not be given any further appointments.

Before Your Appointment

The CDC Travelers Health Website has the most up to date health and safety advice for travel abroad.

Other excellent resources for students travelling abroad include:

Travel recommendation handouts provided during travel clinic are available online. They include information about safety, personal security, food and water illnesses, insect related illness and altitude illness.

Before your appointment, it may be helpful to consult with your insurance provider regarding coverage of routine and travel related immunizations and prescriptions. Vaccine costs are available at the website price page.

Register your UVA related travel with the International Studies Office.

Travel Clinic Appointment

Travel clinic is composed of three parts.

  1. Mandatory group travel counseling
  2. Brief individual meeting with a physician for prescriptions and vaccine orders
  3. Immunizations:
    • Provided by a nurse, if indicated
    • Please note: there is a charge for immunizations.
    • For full immunity, vaccinations should be administered at least 4-6 weeks before travel. However, students will still benefit from vaccination even 1-2 weeks before travel.
    • Some vaccines, such as Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies, are ordered and may not be available on the day of your appointment. Both of these vaccination series must be started at least a month before date of travel.
    • In times of vaccine shortage, the student may need to return at a time other than the scheduled travel clinic visit to receive the vaccine.
    • During vaccine shortages, students may not get a second chance to receive a vaccine if their scheduled appointment is missed.

Medical/Nursing Student Rotation Abroad Appointment

In addition to routine travel counseling, you will need additional education and preparation for potential blood or body fluid exposure sustained while abroad. This is of utmost importance since many international sites may not have the protocols to test or treat occupational exposures.

  • Step by step information regarding blood/body fluid exposure management is provided in UVA Instructions for Clinical Rotation Abroad. This handout will be reviewed at your appointment, but is available online, if needed.
  • The necessary supplies for drawing and transporting source patient blood will be provided. Prescriptions for HIV post-exposure prophylaxis will also be provided.
  • The following resources provide background information on steps to take if exposed to blood and body fluid while abroad. In addition, they can serve as references for you at your site. It is recommended that you print these to take with you on your trip.
    1. UVA Instructions for Clinical Rotation Abroad
    2. PEP Steps
    3. Exposure to Blood
    4. Drug Information for PEP meds: