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The Encounter(s) Occurred Within the Past 5 Days

Receiving care within 5 days after an unwanted sexual encounter is extremely important, and the sooner care is received, the more options there are available for evidence collection and/or pregnancy prevention. The providers can help determine the extent of injuries, whether you need medications (e.g., emergency contraception, antibiotics to prevent sexually transmitted infection, antiretrovirals to prevent HIV), how to assist you emotionally, and if you are interested in the collection and preservation of physical evidence (PERK Kit).

When Student Health is open, we can provide:
  • emotional support and counseling,
  • medical evaluation and treatment including pregnancy prevention, and
  • evidence collection (PERK Kit).

All treatments are completely optional, meaning coming to Student Health does not commit you to receiving all offered services.

If you need confidential medical advice or crisis mental health consultation after hours or on weekends, you can always call the after-hours provider for Student Health at (434) 297-4261. In addition, you can go to the UVA Hospital Emergency Room or call 911.

Emotional Support Services:
It is common to have strong emotional reactions following an unwanted sexual encounter. If this is happening to you, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides:
  • Crisis walk in care
  • After-hours services
  • Counseling
  • Psychiatric services
Medical Services: If you have experienced an unwanted sexual encounter, you may choose to have a medical exam. This may include:
  • Physical exam to evaluate for injuries (lack of genital injury does not mean that a sexual assault did not occur).
  • Treatment of any injuries.
  • Treatment for possible exposure to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and hepatitis B, when indicated.
  • Pregnancy prevention, including emergency contraception, and pregnancy testing.

Evidence collection:
A PERK exam is available at Student Health during business hours and based on SANE nurse (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) availability. (If after hours, evidence collection can occur at the UVA Hospital Emergency Department.) These exams document and collect evidence of sexual contact or physical trauma (including injuries on the body and genitals), trace evidence, and identifiable DNA from the perpetrator of a sexual assault. You may elect to have the exam performed even if you have not yet decided whether you want to report the assault to the police and/or to the University. That decision is entirely yours to make.

Evidence collected during a PERK exam at Student Health can be used as evidence in a subsequent University or criminal complaint but is not required for such a complaint. A PERK exam must be completed within 5 days of an assault; however, having a PERK exam performed does NOT mean you must report the encounter to police or to the University or share the results of the exam with police or the University. The exam is conducted in a confidential health care setting.