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Student Profile

Lilly Frost

UVA in Jordan, Summer term
UVA in Guyana, Summer term

Education abroad changed my entire perspective on the way others view us as Americans and the way we stereotype other societies. My time abroad in Jordan and Guyana dispelled myths about Arab and Amerindian culture and improved my understanding of my coursework when I returned to UVa.

Upcoming Events

  • Sweetbriar JYF Info Session, Thursday, Oct. 2, 7-8 pm, New Cabell 338.
  • Programs in Israel Info Session, Monday, Oct. 6, 4-5 pm, Minor Hall 216.
  • Pre-Departure Orientations: Wednesday, Nov. 5th, evening, and Friday, Nov. 7, morning.
  • Semester at Sea Spring 2015 Voyage Pre-Departure Orientation, Monday, Nov. 10, 5-7 pm, Minor Hall 125.