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University of Virginia students who participate in U.Va. endorsed education abroad activities are required both to have health insurance that will provide coverage while they are abroad and to have emergency insurance. The emergency insurance must provide 1) medical evacuation, 2) security evacuation, 3) repatriation of remains, and 4) emergency assistance. The required minimum coverage for emergency insurance is $250,000.

U.Va. endorsed education abroad activities include: enrollment in a credit-bearing study abroad program; research or service abroad for which U.Va. has provided funding, which yields academic credit and/or which contributes to a student's academic progress; internships abroad organized by U.Va.; and travel tied to course work, research, or University related activities.

U.Va.’s customized insurance plan through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) meets the required minimum coverage for emergency insurance. Instructions on how to enroll in the U.Va. plan through CISI are provided below.

Note: You are not required to enroll in the U.Va. plan through CISI. The required minimum coverage may be met through other insurance plans. If you plan to use coverage through another plan and/or company, you are required to verify that the insurance policy will cover medical costs while you are abroad and the emergency coverage described above. It is your responsibility to determine the coverage limits and any out-of-pocket expenses. If your current provider does not provide sufficient coverage, you will need to purchase health insurance and/or emergency insurance that DOES offer the required coverage.

How to purchase the U.Va. plan through CISI:
You can purchase and self-enroll via the CISI website: When you are asked for the sponsor code, enter UVA (all capital letters). Once you receive your policy number enter the information into your post-acceptance materials online.

The CISI insurance policy can be read and/or downloaded from the MyCISI website. We recommend that you carry a paper copy while traveling. Please familiarize yourself both with the resources available to you through CISI and the instructions on how to use the insurance and overseas services. The MyCISI web site provides this information.