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Summertime offers us opportunities to extend and broaden the teaching, research, and service activities we do during the academic year.

- President Teresa Sullivan

News & Announcements

2014 Summer Registration:

April 14 for 3rd and 4th year students
April 15 for 1st and 2nd year students
April 16 - all students

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Summer Session In the News

Summer Class Spotlight

RELB 2100 - Introduction to Buddhism

July 14 - August 8

In American society, we often see “Zen” tea , as well as the terms “karma” or “nirvana” mentioned in popular culture. But what did these terms mean in their original Buddhist context? In this course we will survey the history of Buddhism in Asia and the West, and also learn about Buddhist spiritual practices such as Zen art and meditation, which will include having sessions in the garden and gym in order to experience mindful breathing, walking, and listening.

Lecturer: Gloria Chien


2014 Main Session Dates

Session I: May 19-June 14
Session II: June 16-July 12
Session III: July 14-August 08
Eight Week Session: June 16-August 08

Visiting Students Welcome

L'Université de Virginie accueille les étudiants internationaux dans ses cours d'été

تُرَحِّب جامعة ڤرجينيا بالطلاّب الزُّوار للدّراسة في البرنامج الصيفي

日本からの皆さん、歓迎します。 ヴァージニア大学の夏期講座ですべて英語で教えるコースを取りたい方へ。 学士号に関係なく一単位か二単位のコースを修得できます。

Estudiantes de cualquier universidad y región del mundo son bienvenidos a estudiar en la Escuela de Verano de la Universidad de Virginia.

Chuo Kikuu cha Virginia kinawakaribisha wanafunzi kwa masomo ya majira ya joto.

버지니아 대학교 여름 계절 학기 외부 방문/교환 학생 수강 환영

欢迎各校同学 参加弗吉尼亚大学暑期课程

A universidade de Virginia convida estudantes visitantes a matricularem-se em aulas de verão de curto prazo.

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What Students are Saying about U.Va. Summer Session

"I learned more than I imagined I could."

"Amazing instructors who were always supportive and caring. I have learned a great deal about myself and the professional world."