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Tibetan Summer Language Program

Unique Features of the Program:

Tibetan SLI Residential Zone

Participants are encouraged to reserve a room in the regular Summer Session dorms where a particular cluster of rooms will be designated as a Tibetan "zone." A native-speaking Tibetan instructor will reside alongside students in the dormitory to encourage the use of Tibetan lanugage in everyday life. The instructor will be available in the evenings to answer your questions and help you practice your conversational skills. To reserve a space in the Tibetan Zone, enter “TIBETAN SLI” under the roommate request portion of the online Summer Session housing application.

Please note: high school students are not eligible to live in the regular summer session dorms and should request housing through the UVa Advance program.

Program Structure

Tibetan SLI classes meet from Monday through Friday for seven and a half hours a day with three different Tibetan language instructors. You will meet for three hours every morning with the lead instructor for grammar and vocabulary instruction and practice; the afternoon class meets for an additional three hours and focuses on intensive, communicative practice of the material learned during the morning class; a 90-minute evening class continues to reinforce the day’s material through interactive activities and gives you an opportunity to seek individualized assistance from the evening instructor. The study of Tibetan culture is integrated with language learning throughout all three sessions.

Attendance in all three sessions (morning, afternoon, and evening) is required of all students, regardless of whether they are enrolled for credit or non-credit. Every student, regardless of type of enrollment, must earn a passing grade in each class of the first half of the SLI in order to participate in the second half of the program. Virginia undergraduates fulfill their language requirements upon successful completion of the program.

For more information, see the Tibet Center's description of the program.