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changing worlds, making tradition: culture and identity in south africa

Changing Worlds


What is tradition? Who decides what is 'traditional' and what isn't? Come explore these questions with visiting professors from the University of Venda in South Africa! We will learn about culture in Limpopo region and social issues in a broader South African context. We will discuss what constitutes 'indigenous knowledge' in Venda and beyond, as well as thinking about how this knowledge is constructed and contested. How so issues of 'tradition' affect people's daily lives in Venda? We will also reflect on the role of tradition and indigenous knowledge in our own home cultures. Our sources will include fiction, poetry, music, and film, as well as Skype presentations from South African college students. Active participation is encouraged - we want to hear your thoughts.

This course meets the College Non-Western Perspectives Requirement.

This course is designed for both AAS majors and Non-majors alike. All you need is curiosity about other places and an interest in people. Visiting students are welcome.

Course Dates:

July 14 - July 25, 2014

Course times:

10:30 - 12:30 and 1:30 - 3:30

AAS 3400/GDS 3559: Changing Worlds, Making Tradition: Culture and Identity in South Africa


Tuition and Fees:

Virginia Resident

Tuition $334 per Credit
Summer Fee  
Virginia Resident Total

Non Virginia Resident

Tuition $1,176.00 per Credit
Summer Fee  
Non-Virginia Total Costs


Madala Crous Hlongwani, Visiting Lecturer from the University of Venda
Gertrude Lamola Malehu, Visiting Lecturer from the University of Venda
Clare Terni, Instructor, University of Virginia