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flash fiction

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Flash fiction (very short stories) is an increasingly visible genre—as distinct from the short story as the short story is from the novel.

Course Dates:

May 19 May 30, 2014

course times

10:00 - 3:00

enwr 3559: contemporary flash fiction: theory and practice

3 credits

We will examine the genre historically, critically and ultimately in terms of craft.   Accomplished writers in the genre tend to have the poet's interest in language and tend to use language rather than character development to power narrative.  Students interested in taking the class should have a strong interest in reading and writing stories as well as a strong interest in language.  Students will write and revise their own flash fiction pieces

UVa Today Article: UVa Students Work with 'Flash Fiction' in January Term Course

Total Tuition and Fees

Virginia Resident

Tuition $334 per Credit
Summer Fee  
Virginia Resident Total

Non Virginia Resident

Tuition $1,176.00 per Credit
Summer Fee  
Non-Virginia Total Costs


Faculty:Elizabeth Denton

Elizabeth Denton, Lecturer
University of Virginia Department of English